Shadows and Apples

Unmooring, Realignment and Restoration: Notes From The Apartment

I am living in a third-floor walkup on the west side of Manchester. It’s small, but it’s got three bedrooms and the kids stay with me about three nights a week. The boys share one of the extra bedrooms, the girls the other, though the little one usually ends up…


How to add 128GB of storage to your MacBook Pro for sixty bucks

When I took advantage of a great deal on a MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina early 2015, the 128GB storage limit didn’t seem like a big deal. Until only a few months later, between syncing Google Drive, Creative Cloud, and running Parallels with a Windows 10 installation on it for some web…


Setting Out For The Beach

Ready for this year’s Reach the Beach! Team ultra midlife crisis hits the road at 3 pm. Very much looking forward to running all night; the mad delirium, the camaraderie, the physical intensity and eventually exhaustion that’s somehow like prayer, and the stars as bright as you will ever see…

Face In the wall

On Writing, Running, Shame and Authenticity

I didn’t run the 50 miler I’d signed up for in May. Life got complicated, and I re-prioritized all kinds of stuff. Running too. But in deciding not to run the race, not to keep training for the race, I got a chance to think a good deal more about…


Free Law Day?

Heading north to Concord today, all the electronic traffic signs on I93 were warning: FREE LAW JULY 1 BE PREPARED HANDS For a moment this discordian-sounding message got me pondering, perhaps as a result of all the Mad Max publicity, a formal day in which lawlessness ruled and your hands…


Ultra-midlife crisis redux, the next 50-miler, and again, ‘why run?’

I put off signing up for the next race for a long time, until I was deep into what should have been the training cycle, especially if the next race was going to be a fifty miler. I held onto a baseline of marathon fitness and mental well being, running…

RunLogic fitness watch satire

Wearable tech: Running watch that leverages your self-loathing

Finally a running app that taps into the inner demons that drive every runner – and makes you feel worse about yourself so you train harder. Nice, sign me up!!! Check out the video – says it all.


Bête noire: The detestable nom nom nom

Before proceeding a pace down this road, I should clarify that while I detest the expression nom nom nom in all of its ridiculous and cringe-inducing variations, I do not harbor any ill will towards those who use it. This caveat is especially important given the fact that almost all…


A Winter Night

Once upon a time we lived in a little cottage in a small city in the far northeast and on winter nights while the fire burned, our mother read us bedtime stories and we heard the thunk-scrape of the shovel as our father built the snowbanks higher than our heads…


The Next Machine Age and The Skills Workers Will Need To Succeed In It

We are in the midst of a remarkable, and potentially terrifying “second machine age,” in which digital technology is evolving at a boggling pace in its power to perform an amazing range of functions in our economies and our lives. Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee profile this change in their…