Heavy Medal Christmas Tree

Struggling to figure out how to display all those race medals (assuming your spouse prefers you don’t hang them in the kitchen)? I was cleaning the basement this afternoon and got side-“tracked” with marathon race medal organizing and an old artificial tree we had in the closet. Made a heavy…

Jerome and Treadmill: A Modern Victorian Yuletide Horror

As Christmas Eve approaches, I’m republishing here a tale about distance running, monsters, debt, and self-sacrifice. For those of you who run around New Hampshire and think there’s something familiar about the leader of the little club of marathon-running supernatural detectives who meet at McGill’s, perhaps he was an inspired creation. Merry Christmas!

Wonderful time pacing a group at Baystate Marathon this morning

There is nothing quite so gratifying as helping to guide people to a PR or some other personal running success. I think I actually like this better than racing these days!


Meb’s Boston Training Schedule – 9-Day Cycles Make Sense for Older Runners

I was thrilled to arrive at the finish line at Boston this year to hear that Meb Keflezighi had won. It was a great cap to an emotional day. This piece for Runner’s World highlights aspects of his training plan, well worth reading, in particular the training cycle, which I…

Boston Marathon Recap, Diet and Injury Notes, Next Steps

It’s been a few weeks since Boston, and after whacking the race video footage I shot with my friend Bob’s Google Glass into a 15-minute course video, I’ve been working, traveling, taking the kids to track practice, and otherwise not thinking much about running – other than when taking some nice…

Boston Marathon 2014 in 15 Minutes – A Google Glass First-Person View

Almost 36,000 people ran the Boston Marathon on April 21, 2014, a year after the infamous bombings at the finish line. Here’s a first-person perspective from one of those 36,000 folks, captured using Google Glass. What a gift it was to be able to run again this year. It wasn’t…


Notes Tomorrow’s Boston Marathon, My Bib #, Tracking Info

Well friends and family, it’s Easter, and tomorrow is the big day in Boston. I have to say, I may be the least sure of my preparation for this run as I have been for any marathon to date, and I’m okay with that. Being in the city for the…


New Rules For Buses, Start Line, 2014 Boston Marathon

Ernesto Burden‏@ernestoburden New for 2014 #bostonmarathon: nobody can pick up your bib for you, no bags on buses, no Camelbaks, costumes, props. http://ow.ly/u2Ogs 


A Tale of Two Podiatrists: Relieving A Runner’s Morton’s Neuroma

I had a sudden onset of Morton’s Neuroma a few weeks before the Boston Marathon last year. Not even sure it was from running – could have also been too many hours and miles in those damn European-style, pointy-toed dress shoes on tradeshow floors and airports – but no matter…


Marathon Talk Interview With Pete Pfitzinger

I’ve written about the Pfitzinger plan (Advanced Marathoning) plenty as it’s aided me in my long march from 3:19 down to 2:58 marathon times. This Marathon Talk interview with him is fantastic – it answers nitty gritty questions about how he’d proscribe the stride paces, optimum plan time, and other…