12 workouts until Boston, a brief assessment of the season’s training

Here we are, fewer than three weeks until Boston 2014. I haven’t had much time to write, but I have been logging runs assiduously and will be able to share any useful details after the fact. In the meantime, here’s a quick update on the two primary experiments/tests of this…


Unexpected Result of Carb Refeed – Real Running Finally?

Enjoyed the 180-degree alter-ego of Saturday’s long run debacle. You know, the one that prompted my, “I’m tired of this; I’m quitting running marathons,” post.  (Not to say I’m not eventually quitting marathons, but dang it, I’m going to run this one, and stay upbeat about it. It’s Boston, and…


And Another Runner Goes #NSNG, Solves Lifelong Stomach Issues

Funny how many people I’m in touch with lately who are experimenting with high-fat, low-carb (HFLC), no sugar, no grain (NSNG) eating for purposes outside of weight loss. Runners looking to improve performance and solve a variety of different gastric and metabolic issues. My friend Ron is a good example…


Spring 2014 Blog Preview, Examination of Marathon Training On A Ketogenic Diet

A brief mission statement update for the blog. While this, my personal website, has long had a running orientation, there are some specific topics I’m going to be covering in detail over the next several months: 12 week versus 18 week marathon training. Having been sidelined by an injury for…

Cereal Killers movie a good look at medically-supervised high-fat, low-carb diet experiment

Kris and I forked out the five bucks to watch Cereal Killers last night. This documentary follows Donal O’Neil as he begins a high-fat, low-carb diet (no sugar, no wheat) to see if he can beat the genetic time bombs of heart disease and diabetes.

Low-Carb IQ Boost? Ketosis and Cognitive Function

I’ve been sticking to quite a low carbohydrate diet while enjoying this enforced running hiatus and awaiting my MRI results. Good news is, rather than gaining weight after going from 50+ miles a week running to zero, I’ve actually lost a few pounds over the past month and a half,…

Tweet: An Indictment of Sugar

Not a diet crusader. I do my thing, you yours. But this @NatGeo piece on sugar is mind blowing. #EatMoreFatLessSugar — Ernesto Burden (@ernestoburden) November 27, 2013