Ultra-midlife crisis redux, the next 50-miler, and again, ‘why run?’

I put off signing up for the next race for a long time, until I was deep into what should have been the training cycle, especially if the next race was going to be a fifty miler. I held onto a baseline of marathon fitness and mental well being, running…

RunLogic fitness watch satire

Wearable tech: Running watch that leverages your self-loathing

Finally a running app that taps into the inner demons that drive every runner – and makes you feel worse about yourself so you train harder. Nice, sign me up!!! Check out the video – says it all.


Bête noire: The detestable nom nom nom

Before proceeding a pace down this road, I should clarify that while I detest the expression nom nom nom in all of its ridiculous and cringe-inducing variations, I do not harbor any ill will towards those who use it. This caveat is especially important given the fact that almost all…

A Winter Night

Once upon a time we lived in a little cottage in a small city in the far northeast and on winter nights while the fire burned, our mother read us bedtime stories and we heard the thunk-scrape of the shovel as our father built the snowbanks higher than our heads…

The Next Machine Age and The Skills Workers Will Need To Succeed In It

We are in the midst of a remarkable, and potentially terrifying “second machine age,” in which digital technology is evolving at a boggling pace in its power to perform an amazing range of functions in our economies and our lives. Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee profile this change in their…

Quick-Start Primer for a Low-Carb Diet

If you’re thinking about trying a low-carb for weight-loss, here’s a post that will get you started right now. I’ve been eating primarily low-carb (with targeted exceptions for intense running training periods) for more than a year this time around, and find myself at the leanest I’ve ever been, even while…

Runners by Ernesto Burden

A Game of Roads: A Song of Ice And Runners

How routes get chosen for a group run, and what happens when they don’t. It’s 7:45 on a crisp, sunny, 15 degree January morning in New Hampshire. There are about a dozen middle aged men in black winter running tights, windbreakers advertising various marathons they have run (Boston heavily represented),…

The Feast of Epiphany

The Feast of Epiphany. Here’s a look at the splendid altar at our parish, Saint Marie’s, in Manchester, NH.

Heavy Medal Christmas Tree

Struggling to figure out how to display all those race medals (assuming your spouse prefers you don’t hang them in the kitchen)? I was cleaning the basement this afternoon and got side-“tracked” with marathon race medal organizing and an old artificial tree we had in the closet. Made a heavy…

Jerome and Treadmill: A Modern Victorian Yuletide Horror

As Christmas Eve approaches, I’m republishing here a tale about distance running, monsters, debt, and self-sacrifice. For those of you who run around New Hampshire and think there’s something familiar about the leader of the little club of marathon-running supernatural detectives who meet at McGill’s, perhaps he was an inspired creation. Merry Christmas!