Meb’s Boston Training Schedule – 9-Day Cycles Make Sense for Older Runners

I was thrilled to arrive at the finish line at Boston this year to hear that Meb Keflezighi had won. It was a great cap to an emotional day. This piece for Runner’s World highlights aspects of his training plan, well worth reading, in particular the training cycle, which I think would be useful for older marathoners.

At 43, four years older than Meb, I count myself in that “older marathoner” camp. And while I’m no elite runner, I do like to train hard and race hard. I have to balance that training and racing with my advancing years and the accompanying slower recovery powers. It’s easy to overdo it, and easier to get injured.

In this interview, Meb describes his training cycle in terms of nine-day training periods, rather than the traditional week. This makes a tremendous sense to me. A good marathon plan includes a at least one quality tempo or speed workout a week, one medium long run, and one long run, along with plenty of aerobic base. If you arrange those over nine days, versus seven, you can give yourself the recovery time you need (as an “older” runner) between the hard workouts.

Worth a try next time around.

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