Marathon simulator run, 17 miles, 2:02:44

Marathon simulator run, 17 miles, 2:02:44. Usually I’d do this five weeks out, but since I had to compress my training plan to 12 weeks this time around here it is, two weeks and a day from Boston.

Now to taper hard from here until race day and try and heal up this aching Achilles.

The workout was two miles warmup and 15 miles at about 7:10 pace, which may be doable, perhaps, give or take five seconds, as race pace two weeks from Monday. I averaged 7:14 for the whole 17, including the slower warmup miles. So in this range, I don’t expect – nor am I trying for – a repeat of last year’s sub-3-hour marathon (heck I didn’t even crack 54 miles in a single week during this training cycle), but maybe I can run a better time than I expected given the short training cycle. This pace felt very manageable aerobically. I had a few weird little moments where my legs felt drained, but they passed and I was able to run many more miles at pace with no problem.

Beautiful, sunshiny 50F evening. First 8 miles uphill grade, into a stiff wind. Grade and wind assisted coming back! Ultimate assist? Broke my usual low-carb lifestyle for my little Isobel’s birthday cake and ice cream this afternoon!

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