Unexpected Result of Carb Refeed – Real Running Finally?

Enjoyed the 180-degree alter-ego of Saturday’s long run debacle. You know, the one that prompted my, “I’m tired of this; I’m quitting running marathons,” post.  (Not to say I’m not eventually quitting marathons, but dang it, I’m going to run this one, and stay upbeat about it. It’s Boston, and there’s a reason I registered to do it again!)

Tonight we finished dinner, I read extra long to the kids from C.S. Lewis’ The Last Battle, put them to bed, and finally jumped on the treadmill.

I’d planned 8 miles with 4 @ 6:40 pace. And that’s what I ran! Felt lovely, brisk, plenty of energy, hard work by the end, but I could have done more. My calf was still sore though, so I called it finished at the four I’d planned, cooled down and hit the foam roller.

I have to acknowledge that carb refeed Saturday afternoon and evening, and this run a few days later, doesn’t seem like coincidence. I dropped back into keto Sunday morning and stayed there until now, but presumably that big carb feast finally got my glycogen properly topped up?

I am eating a post-run, Fat Tuesday, sweet potato mashed with butter, olive oil, cinnamon, almonds and pumpkin seeds as I type this. I am not abandoning my low-carb training experiment, but I am learning that at least after hard efforts, I need to reload more than I have been (even after I realized this same thing a few weeks ago).

I am going to do a reload again on Saturday evening, prior to my next long run, and use Vinnie’s Lifesaver sugar drip idea on the long run.  Will let you know how it goes. In the meantime, this was encouraging as a tempo run, though a little late in the training cycle to be getting this sort of encouragement. Last season my tempo runs were at 6:25 pace and my marathon pace runs were at 6:47s give or take, so this 6:40 isn’t too much of a bummer and a nice pick-me-up after Saturday’s ugliness.

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