Arriba, Arriba, Carbs! (For A Day)

So I have been rigorously keeping off the sugar and grains, and staying low-carb, in ketosis, for four months solid; and for the most part loving the results, especially the body composition changes and enhanced brain-power and energy levels. That said, it’s not perfect, and I’ve also been doing some experimenting, including strategic pre- and post-workout carbs on quality run days. And on Saturday, I decided to try a carb refeed day.

Partly because some high mileage running has me feeling run down (see my last Forrest Gump post, where I left the low-carb elephant-in-the-room un-addressed), partly because it’s supposed to jump start fat burning again, which might take care of a last few pesky pounds I’d care to shed. So starting at lunch Saturday, after a long run in the morning, and culminating in a late dinner, I ate three fish tacos, tons of tortilla chips and salsa, Mexican rice, refried beans, split a huge piece of chocolate mousse cake with my wife Kristen, snacked on a few slices of flatbread pizza late afternoon, and then finished the evening with a big plate of fries and two sliders on white buns. Oh yeah, and two IPAs. (I wanted to make sure I had soooo many high glycemic carbs in there I’d force the insulin spike, not simply raise my blood sugar.)

Result? Ahhhhhh, delicious!

I didn’t feel any worse for the wear Saturday, and I felt really great Sunday morning! Rejuvenated even. And after breakfast and lunch back at super low carb levels, I tested and found I was back (or still?) in ketosis as well.

The other near-term result was a post-reload, four-pound weight gain, which from everything I’ve read is normal. Water weight. What’s supposed to follow is a drop of that water weight, then a reboot of fat burning at an even higher level and some more leaning up. I am thinking if a little weight loss follows as the week goes on, I may make a carb refeed a regular thing. Either way, it sure was fun, and I’m very curious to see what effect a carb refeed next Saturday has on Sunday’s long run.

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