To coin a phrase…Hafinger


11 weeks to Boston, 1st week of training post-injury done, feel good but must build speed fast. Merging Pfitz plan with Hansons. Hanfinger.

Details shortly. Basically, I think I need the extra early speed work of Hansons, with the midweek long of Pfitz (but with the race pace miles during that of Hansons). I also need to be extra careful with this kind of buildup, so am running all recovery runs to heart rate. For perspective this might mean: marathon pace = 6:49, recovery pace = 10:05.

For those interested, there is a terrific breakdown of the differences between the two plans here, on RunningAhead.

UPDATE: Okay, here’s a link to the “Hanfinger” plan I developed. I think it’s workable, if aggressive. Had some very keen insights from Meredith on this one, which helped me tweak it further, thanks!