Spring 2014 Blog Preview, Examination of Marathon Training On A Ketogenic Diet

A brief mission statement update for the blog. While this, my personal website, has long had a running orientation, there are some specific topics I’m going to be covering in detail over the next several months:

  1. 12 week versus 18 week marathon training. Having been sidelined by an injury for two months, it won’t be possible to run my preferred 18-week Pfitzinger program. So for the first time I’ll try the abbreviated 12-week program. Given my base, will it be enough to get me under three hours at Boston? We’ll see.
  2. Marathon training on a ketogenic diet. Does being fat-adapted and subsisting on a high-fat, very low-carbohydrate diet help or hinder training generally, and in particular how does it impact hard efforts like speed work, lactate threshold runs, and marathon pace long runs as compared to past training cycles.
  3. General impact of a ketogenic diet over the long term, including changing body fat composition and comparing blood work from this time last year when I was training on a fairly traditional high carbohydrate runner’s diet.

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