My Friend Tim’s Survival Guide to Treadmill Running

Now that we’re back in the polar vortex, seems timely to share a link to a new post at my friend Tim’s site, Outdoors New Hampshire. He’s penned a handy survival guide to treadmill running.  He’s got some good ideas on making the workout equate to a road workout as well as a cool workout I’m looking forward to trying.

His post got me reminiscing about my training last winter, and I left this thought in the comments regarding my own treadmill experiences during Boston training last year:

For scheduling reasons, I ended up running about 50% of my 60 mile weeks on the treadmill, including the dreaded Pfiiztinger midweek long run. 12 to 15 miles – on the treadmill – every Wednesday night after the kids went to bed. Mile or two warmup then half mile intervals at hard incline for the next 10 miles, then easy to finish. I got injured less and PR’d at Boston in the spring, and I think part of it was all that quality hill work on a more forgiving surface than the icy road. Side benefit? I got caught up on a bunch of movies I’d been meaning to see!


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