Ketogenic training note: back at it with fasted 10 miler

With this morning’s 10 miler, near the end of weeks two running again after two months of injury-forced hiatus, I think I can officially say I’m back in training with an eye toward Boston. This was the first run of any length I could test my new fat-burning powers on. Have not had any sugar or grain, and very few carbs, remaining as a result in ketosis since Nov. 3, 2013. Run this morning at a progressive pace finishing with brisk aerobic and despite not consuming anything but black coffee since a handful of almonds last evening, had no problem energy wise. Now I did a lot of carb-depleted runs in prior training cycles, so I’m not sure how great a test this was of my fat-adaptation, but I’m sure that I would have been hungry before and after in the old days. Today, no big deal, no hunger at all. Looking forward to testing a body running in ketosis on some of the more intense workouts, tempo, interval and marathon pace work in the weeks to come.