Notes on pacing the 3:30 group at Baystate Marathon next week

Looking forward to next week when I’ll be pacing the 3:30 group at the 2013 Baystate Marathon (! It’s going to be an honor and a pleasure to be a part of the day for those runners who will achieve their BQs and PRs (Boston Qualifying times and Personal Records). I got my first BQ at Baystate and it’s a favorite course of mine, so I’m especially excited to be a pacing volunteer this year; which benefits my running club – Athletic Alliance. It will also be great to do my last long training run for the Stonecat 50 on Nov. 2 in such good company!

For those who will be in this group, my general pacing technique is to run even splits or a slight negative split, with some variation based on elevation or wind (ease off a little uphill or into wind, pick it up a little on the downhills and when the wind is pushing you).

Another note, for those who run by the Garmin, as I do. It’s important to run slightly faster by your Garmin than your exact goal pace – because the Garmin inevitably ends up .2 of a mile, give or take a bit, farther than 26.2 miles. So if your goal is 3:30, we want to be at about 7:58s, which gives you one minute of cushion at the end. Except wait a minute – tack on another .2 miles and if you still want to finish around 3:29, you’ve got to be running 7:55s – at least by your Garmin. Anyway, don’t worry about the math if you don’t want to. I promise to worry for all of us. And we’ll get there in under 3:30.

Any questions or requests, feel free to post them here.

See you next Sunday! I’ll be the guy in the blaze orange running shirt with 3:30 in big letters and miles splits on my back.