Adaptations to Technology, Fingerprints and The End of the Password

Oh, how quickly we adapt to new tech. Or perhaps how quickly new technology weakens us! I’ve had the iPhone 5S for about a week now, and just a moment ago was piqued by having to type my security code into my iPad. “What?” the unbidden (and apparently very lazy) voice in my head asks, “No fingerprint scanner? I’ve got to type in… numbers?”

I could easily see how biometric security tech like this leads to an all out consumer rejection of passwords a little ways down the road. (The same way little kids who have interacted with mommy and daddy’s touchscreen smartphones since they were born don’t grok non-multi-touch-screens. “What, I can’t pinch and zoom the images on the television?”)

The only problem? What happens when somebody does the biometric equivalent of stealing your password? Much harder to just swap your thumbprint for a new one.

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