Return of an old friend: extensor tendonitis

alternate lacing technique

Alternate lacing technique for easing pressure on the tendons on the top of your foot while running.

It’s been a while since I felt that pain – as though my shoelaces were biting into the top of my foot. Hurts a bit when you run, hurts worse afterward. If it’s not a stress fracture, it’s likely extensor tendonitis. That means the tendons along the top of your foot are inflamed. It happens for a bunch of reasons, but like tendonitis in general, it’s an overuse sort of injury. I think I caused my recurrence of it by piling up a bunch of hill running too soon after my season A race Baystate Marathon. (I was all fired up for Boston, next race, and finally cracking three hours, which I missed by four minutes at Baystate, and let my enthusiasm get the best of me.)


Taping (I’m using Rock Tape here) for quick recovery. Not sure why the kinesio taping actually works, but it seems to have helped me a number of times, especially with various tendonitis issues.

Anyhow, you can google it and find a bunch of info, and if you think it might be a stress fracture, of course get it checked out. But if you’re pretty sure it’s this (based on your extensive and expert medical googling, ahem), here are some things that have helped me get past this in the past: ice, NSAIDs, taping, alternate lacing of shoes, and staying off hills for a while.