David’s first XC season ends in smiles

David finished the USATF New England Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships meet at Freestyle Farm in Amherst with a better than 1 minute improvement and PB on his 3K time, and even more importantly, big smiles with his friends!

David and his friend Patrick after the race.

While David doesn’t move on to regionals, I’m looking forward to seeing how the Granite State Flash team overall does in Long Island on Nov. 18 – there are some amazing, amazing young runners on that team among all the groups. It’s wonderful to see not only what a great community sport running can be, but what a family sport. This is very evident at the meets, where younger siblings attend to play and spectate (probably the emphasis is on play). But though they’re not running, you can tell they’re soaking up that culture of fitness, personal achievement and support that their older siblings and their parents are so engaged in.

And as a parent, while teaching lessons about running, and life, I’m learning lessons about how to convey a love of a sport without pressing to hard or too easy, how to set high personal expectations and big enough goals to make something exciting without creating a sense of pressure that would wreck the joy, how to be patient and take a long developmental view while celebrating short term milestones. Not to get too sweeping, but it seems these are good lessons not just for parenting, but for running, writing, relationships, leadership and life.

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