Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-17

  • 3:08:05, unofficial. PR by 4 minutes, 42 seconds. Gannsett Marathon! #
  • I'm at Trio (15 Kingstown Rd, Narragansett) #
  • In town for tomorrow's Gannsett Marathon! Chilly and windy here on the beach! (@ Anchor Motel) #
  • How bad writing can sometimes mean good copy. #
  • APT study says social checkin tools have had little (2%) overall impact on businesses … so far. #
  • Ran 7.21 miles in 56 mins and felt blah. Let's hope marathons are like plays in that an off dress rehearsal c… #
  • 50 years today since Gagarin's 1st manned spaceflight. Wonder faded for Shuttle missions; can prvt sector bring it back? #
  • Listening to more of Taleb's The Black Swan on the commute this morning. Phrase for the day: Unknown unknown. #
  • Should I confess to quite enjoying watching the premier episode of the new Upstairs Downstairs with Kris last night? #
  • Headline from latest Aviation Week – "Virgin Galactic recruiting pilots as first spaceflight nears". Man it's cool to be alive right now. #
  • Baby Center 32-wk email: "your baby weighs 3.75 lbs (pick up a large jicama)." That was the most common 3.75 lb object they could reference? #
  • Tested email subject line components that trigger opens. #

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