This week’s Twitter roundup: Killing comments in favor of social media integration, paid content silly runner story

A selection of the things I shared on Twitter this week.

  • Wired mag editor makes a case for killing comments:, 10/29
  • Whither Conde Nast Digital? Rolling back into the main print group?, 10/28
  • Our eldest ran strong this afternoon in his first cross country meet!, 10/27
  • RT @avinash: SethGodin makes the case for tracking Internal Site Search: Takes just 1 click in Google Analytics. ONE!, 10/27
  • Pounding pre-dawn,October rain discards golden & crimson leaves on the windshield, a bully delighting in the destruction of delicate beauty., 10/27
  • Seriously? Runner to sue when his GPS didn’t match the finish line distance; so much he must not get, where to start?, 10/27
  • Verizon to release Droid Pro and Droid 2 to be mid November, with U.S. and global service., 10/26
  • Online mag publishes story on how to hack New Yorker paywall., 10/26
  • Politico launches paid news service focused on health care, energy and tech:, 10/26

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