This week’s Twitter roundup: NEAPNEA conference, mobile news, tech humor, first day of school

  • Dropped David and Sofia off for their first day of school. Sofia was just as confident on her first day as David was 2 years ago. Sniff.7:53 AM Aug 25th via txt
  • 2010 NEAPNEA Fall Conference Sept. 10, 11; innovative election coverage, digital tools, and Sen. Scott Brown. 10:19 PM Aug 24th via HootSuite
  • Cool! RT @googleanalytics: We’re pleased to announce Weighted Sort! #measure #ganalytics#googleanalytics8:20 PM Aug 24th via HootSuite
  • Goofy Internet mistakes are nicely bipartisan – check out Fast Company’s Top 10 Political Tech Blunders 8:19 PM Aug 24th via HootSuite
  • Android has 75K apps to Apple’s 250K, but was top-selling US smartphone platform in 2nd quarter. War escalates. 5:43 PM Aug 24th via HootSuite
  • Interesting… RT @StKonrath: “PaperG’s Flyerboard Adds LATimes, Media News, As Revenues Rise 70% Each Month” – 5:39 PM Aug 24th via HootSuite
  • Monetize your UGC community content farm, anybody? Overused digital media buzzwords: 2:52 PM Aug 24th via HootSuite
  • Open house at David and Sofia’s school. Where did summer go? 7:56 PM Aug 23rd via txt
  • Blogs with ads need to pay $300 fee. RT @mashable: Philadelphia Tax Code Sparks Big Controversy with Small Bloggers 1:45 PM Aug 23rd via HootSuite
  • RT @avinash: Qualitative Web Analytics: Heuristic Evaluations Rock! #why #process #bestpractices#youcandoittoo!12:30 PM Aug 23rd via HootSuite
  • Web-based project planning tool moving out of beta at end of week. Beta users get a year free.9:36 AM Aug 23rd via HootSuite
  • Just got my requested access to Google’s Android App Inventor beta… nice! 1:48 PM Aug 20th via HootSuite

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