Keep track of how your marketing efforts impact site traffic: add annotations to Google Analytics timelines

One of the keys to making logical data driven decisions about your site’s marketing is to know how the things you’re doing (starting a new ad campaign, social media effort, changing a landing page design, adding a new site feature, etc.) are affecting your site’s traffic trends.  A simple way to keep track of these actions in Google Analytics is to add them as annotations on any over-time graph in your reports.  You can make these private or share them so everyone in your company with access to your reports can see them.

Here’s how you add an annotation:

Within your analytics account, click the little tab beneath the timeline:

You’ll see any prior annotations you’ve created (though if it’s your first time, which it would be if you’re reading this, there won’t be any prior annotations!), and you’ll see a link on the right labeled “+ Create new annotation”.

Type your notes, choose your sharing/private options and that’s all there is to it! Easy but invaluable in terms of correlating traffic trends with your traffic-driving  initiatives, on and off your site.

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