The Droid Incredible, worth the wait

So I’ve had my Droid Incredible since Friday when I got home from work and found the FedEx truck had left it (a just-barely early 40th birthday present from Kristen; I hit my upgrade date this month).

First impressions? Incredible.  The touch screen is sensitive in just the right way, easy to type and correct, select and copy text, etc., text-to-speech and speech-to-text (say a phrase into Google translator, play it back in the language of your choice), navigation, blazing fast processor and Web connection, very cool body design, feels awesome to hold, takes stellar pictures, tons of great apps. I also love the contacts integration features … sucked in all my backed up Verizon Wireless contacts and merged them with my email contacts, the contact info from my Facebook account, and then matched up my friend’s Facebook profile pics with their address cards, and they update dynamically.  I don’t know why, but this pleases me a lot.  I also like the WordPress app, though it’s a bit buggy.  Uploaded a post a minute ago with it, along with pictures and links.  Would I use it to wrong a long think piece?  No. But for a quick picture with a caption?  Not bad.  Nice for traveling.

Downsides? This thing devours battery.  You need to go find the App Killer app to shut off apps you’re not using, since they will just run in the background otherwise. And even so, you’re going to want a car charger. And maybe a spare battery…

Overall? Overall, I’ve hardly begun to scratch the surface of what this phone can do, and I’m hooked already.  Glad I waited to upgrade…the early reviews from Engadget and CNET didn’t steer me wrong.

ONE WEEK LATER: Who knows how you really feel about something while you’re still in the brand new fun phase of it? Here after owning the thing for a week, I’ll add a few more quick observations that though they may be tempered by time nonetheless remain first-blush enthusiastic.  The battery life issue is not as big a deal as I originally thought. It’s pretty decent for a smart phone this smart, and the Advanced Task Killer app (free) helps to minimize the drain.   Going from home to work, with a charger in the car, I have no real issue with the battery.  We’ll see how it does on our upcoming camping trip, though…   Overall, I remain deeply impressed with the phone, but it’s no one thing about it, rather the whole package.  Everything seems so cleanly and speedily to integrate, from managing multiple email accounts, Web, Google analytics for work and for my personal sites, social media accounts, contacts, files (check out the Dropbox App), photos, videos and blogging. There are some things I’d swear this phone does better and faster (maybe because it streamlines processes so much and leaves out the non-essential) than my desktop or laptop.  On the other hand, there are plenty of things it still doesn’t, like making for pleasant long form reading or writing experiences.  (I’m typing this update on a full sized keyboard in front of a widescreen Dell monitor. I love the phone, but not that much…)