Finishing ScriptFrenzy and lessons learned about fitting writing into a busy life

I just finished writing my 100 page (102, really) screenplay in 30 days. So this is going to be a really short blog post. I decided to take on the challenge for a number of reasons — none of which had to do with me having free time to kill.  In fact, I have less free time right now than I ever have in my life. And that’s probably the main reason I took the challenge. I needed to prove to myself that even with no spare time, I could still squeeze in the fiction writing that has meant so much to me since I was a kid.  When I was younger, I used to wait for five-hour stretches of free time to sit down and write. As i got older, those came less and less often, and I wrote less and less often. And at some point I realized I whole months could go by without me writing anything. So I did this challenge, and what I learned is that even writing for a short period of time each night, after work is done, the kids are in bed, the kitchen is cleaned up, I could still get quite a bit of writing done. (C.S. Lewis wrote a huge number of great books in tiny bursts like this…)  I could fit it at the expense of nothing more than a half hour of television, or maybe checking my email, or browsing through my RSS feeds one last time in the evening… This is good to know. So good that the knowledge of it makes the effort well worthwhile, even if this screenplay never travels any farther than the digital equivalent of the bottom drawer of my desk. 

As a side note, I used the free, Web-based script writing software at for this project, and recommend it.  The formatting commands seem to work best and most consistently in Firefox, tolerably well in IE, and worst in Chrome.

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