Cell phones the saviors of newspapers?

Interesting piece in the New York Times about the opportunities cell phones present for newspapers, and the company that's banking on those opportunities: Verve. The Times reports: "Verve's chief executive, Art Howe, is the first to admit that he’s betting on an industry that’s under siege. Newspapers’ strength is providing local news and information and the mobile Web is the logical outlet for local content, argues Mr. Howe, who is a former Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter at the Philadelphia Inquirer and is himself owner of 50 local papers. 'Mobile is actually a better way to reach people than print or even Web. It's versatile, immediate, travels and is just as compelling–if it's done right–as a Web site or a printed page.'"

Along with many other newspaper companies, Verve is powering the AP's new mobile news network.